List of Invited Talks

Invited Talks in International Conferences
  1. Extension of graphs on surfaces to 3-colorable triangulations, Ghent Graph Theory Workshop on Structure and Algorithms 2017, Ghent University (Belgium) 2017/8/16 (An invited talk).
  2. A set-(g,f)-factor of graphs and its application, 2017 Workshop on Colored Notions of Connectivity in Graphs, Nankai University (China) 2017/5/31 (An invited talk).
  3. Kempe equivalence of 3-edge-colorings in cubic graphs on the projective plane, 2016 International Conference on Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Applications, Zhejiang Normal University (China) 2016/10/30 (An invited talk).
  4. A necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of a properly colored 2-factor, the International Conference for the 70th Anniversary of Korean Mathematical Society, Seoul National University (Korea) 2016/10/22 (An invited talk).
  5. Hamiltonicity of graphs on surfaces, Workshop Cycles and Colourings 2015, Tatranska Strba (Slovakia) 2015/9/7 (An invited talk).
  6. The set function versionof the (g, f)-factor theorem, The First Sino-Japan Symposium on Graph Theory, Combinatorics and their Applications (SJ-SGCA’2014), Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Beijing (China) 2014/10/31 (An invited talk).
  7. A generalization of the (g, f)-factor theorem using set functions, ICM2014 Satellite Conference on Extremal and Structural Graph Theory, The-K Gyeongju Hotel, Gyeongju (Korea) 2014/8/6 (An invited talk).
  8. Spanningtrees with vertices having large degrees, The 3rd Taiwan-Japan Conference on Combinatorics and its Applications, National Chiayi University, Chiayi (Taiwan) 2014/3/22 (An invited talk).
  9. Degree constraint spanning trees in graphs, International Workshop on Discrete Structures (IWODS 2014), National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad (Pakistan) 2014/3/4 (An invited talk).
  10. Spanning trees in $K_{s,t}$-minor-free graphs, 2012 International Conference on Graph Theory, Combinatorics andApplication, Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua (China) 2012/10/27 (An invited talk).
  11. Toughness and Hamiltonicity of graphs on surfaces, ICTP-IPM Workshop and Conference in Combinatorics and Graph Theory, ICTP, Trieste (Italy) 2012/9/12 (An invited talk).
  12. Hamiltonicity of graphs on surfaces, International Conference on ``Cycles in Graphs'', Vanderbilt University, Nashville (USA) 2012/6/2 (A plenary talk).
Invited Talks in Domestic Conferences
  1. グラフのハミルトン閉路と次数を制限した全域木, 2013年度 応用数学合同研究集会, 龍谷大学, 2013/12/20 (離散・解析合同セッション 招待講演).
  2. Spanning trees with bounded total excesses, 離散数学とその応用研究集会 2012, 茨城大学, 2012/8/11 (特別講演).
  3. タフネスと閉曲面上のグラフのハミルトン性, 日本数学会2012年年会 応用数学分科会, 東京理科大学, 2012/3/26 (特別講演).
  4. A spanning closed walk in 3-connected plane graphs, 2012年電子情報通信学会 年総合大会 COMP学生シンポジウム, 岡山大学, 2012/3/21 (依頼講演).